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CHRIS ZYDEL, Painting from the Wild Heart: www.creativejuicesarts.com Chris helps us free ourselves from the inner critic, fear, self-doubt and the strictures of how art is "supposed to be done." With warmth and humor, she challenges us to find our own unique and amazing way of painting. I met her years ago when we were both in a group led by Natalie Rogers, and continue to paint with her at her studio in Oakland.

NATALIE ROGERS, author of The Creative Connection ®, www.nrogers.com Natalie developed the Person-Centered approach to Expressive Arts Therapy and founded PCETI, the Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute.

ANIN UTIGAARD, MFT, REAT, was a faculty member of the Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute and one of the Co-Founders of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. She has a private practice in San Francisco and is Clinical Director of the Pacific Institute. Expressive arts is her spiritual practice and she uses it in all areas of her work and life. She can be reached at .


Person-Centered Expressive Arts www.personcenteredexpressivearts.com
This site includes information about Person-Centered Expressive Arts and a Directory of Practitioners.

The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association www.ieata.org


NAOMI ROSE, Writing from the Deeper Self: www.essentialwriting.com

Naomi is a wonderful, supportive writing coach, or as she prefers to be called, book developer. She helped extensively in editing and refining my fantasy trilogy. Her understanding and faith in my book was invaluable. She will help you develop your book from a mere seed into full blossom.


STREPHON KAPLAN WILLIAMS, Dreamwork: strephonsays.com
Strephon emphasizes interacting with our dreams through active imagination, such as writing dialogs with dream characters, or doing dream re-entries to continue the dream to resolution. This process is deeply healing and satisfying, whereas analytical interpretations left me feeling, "So what?" I studied with and worked for him at the Jungian-Senoi Institute in Berkeley for several years in the 1980's. I've continued to write dialogs with dream spirits, a few of which are included here.

DREAM TREE, www.dreamtree.com, is the brainchild of Peggy Coats. It is "A Resource Center for Dreamers" with a global reach, offering a treasure trove of information and links to the community of dreamers; dream groups (on- and off-line); dreamwork methods; and dreams in art, literature, film, and music, and more.


EARLENE GLEISNER, RN, REIKI MASTER, author of Reiki in Everyday Life, and The Marriage Bundle (forthcoming): standinginbalance.com

MERIDETH BOWEN SHAMSZAD is the author of The Story of Little Feather: A Past Life Journey, and The Naked Heart: How I Painted My Way Through Breast Cancer. She is also a painter and is a licensed therapist, MFT. She can be contacted at .

JULIA GOERLITZ is an artist who has always had a deep connection with the earth and the shamanic realms. She also draws from that well of connection in her private practice as a homeopath in the San Francisco Bay Area. www.herbalallies.com

Recommended Reading


The Creative Connection, by Natalie Rogers, 1993, Science & Behavior Books

The Creative Juices Arts Newsletter, by Chris Zydel: go to her website to subscribe (see above)

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, 1986, Shambhala

Wild Mind, by Natalie Goldberg, 1990, Bantam Books


Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual, by Strephon Kaplan Williams, 1980, Journey Press
(may be found used via the internet)

Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C. G. Jung, 1965, Random House

Spiritual Journey

No Boundary, by Ken Wilber, 1981, Shambhala

The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, 1999, New World Library

Stillness Speaks, by Eckhart Tolle, 2003, New World Library

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